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Parcel 04 (touch & smell, baby)


Play and warmth combine in this gift for new born, with after nappy change room spray and a beautiful linen cot sheet.

Happy Nappy Spray

French Linen Cot Sheet


The Finer Details

Nunchi Oils Happy Nappy Spray – 100ml

Happy Nappy is a light, cheerful blend to help leave the room smelling fresh after each nappy change. These oils have natural antiseptic qualities.

With each spray of this essential oil blend of lime, tea tree lemon scented, mandarin and ylang ylang you and your baby will feel refreshed and calm.

The blend of essential oils used in this product have been carefully selected and diluted for the safe use with babies three months and over. However, it is not recommended to spray directly on baby’s skin.

Deiji Studios French Linen Cot Sheet

Made to fit standard Australian cot size and toddler beds; 77x135x19cm

Deiji Studios’ linen has been sourced from France and is made from the natural fibres of the flax plant. It comes stone washed all our linen beforehand to give you that extra softness, but you will also notice that it will soften the more it is used and washed. Deiji Studios’ linen is 30% stronger than cotton, is hypo-allergenic, highly breathable and environmentally friendly, as it uses less water and chemicals to cultivate. Cool for summer and warm for winter, this linen is perfect for all year round.

Maternity Worldwide

With each purchase, $5 will be donated to Maternity Worldwide, a charity that works in low-income countries to help women and girls access the high quality maternal health care they need to be able to give birth safely.

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